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    A Film by Jeremy Engle
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    Re-writing the high-school movie
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    Starring real New York high-school teens
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Meet the Cast

A look at the cast in rehearsals and behind the scenes. Click on each YouTube icon to see each cast members aswesome YouTube video profile..


I was born in Queens, raised in Brooklyn, and currently live in New Jersey. I’m a teen actor and musician. My acting experience includes an NBC Dateline show and Ben Affleck’s Academy Award winning film “Argo”. Acting gives me the opportunity to become another person. Some people don’t know this about me but I like to rap.

Hip Hop/Rap is my favorite type of music and my favorite artists include Meek Mill, Tyga, and ASAP Rocky. I play basketball and am a New York Knicks supporter. Boxing is another sport that I participate in.



My name is Shayla and I am 16 years old. I attend Frank Sinatra School of the Arts where I major in drama. I’m from Astoria, Queens and I’m half black and half Albanian. Acting is a passion for me, I’m given the opportunity to be someone with a completely different background, problems and overall story.

Ever since my father brought me to the movie set of a family friend when I was five, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I’m always looking forward to meeting new people that love doing what I do.



At age five, I wanted to become a surgeon. This was short-lived when I almost fainted at the sight of blood… from a paper cut on my pinkie. Since then, my lifelong dream has been to become an actress. I’ve worked in numerous productions and played roles that I have been proud of.I’m also proud of the best actress award I won from the New York City Film Academy.

I can be found dancing randomly at any place. My grandmother’s kitchen is where I perform most, but that will soon change. If I'm not performing, I’m in the corner seat of a subway train reading a big book.



I’m a city kid whose heart is in the country. I’m happier at my country house in upstate NY where you can find me shredding the slopes on my snowboard in the winter. And in the summer, you can find me hiking in the woods, swimming in the lake, riding a horse or dirt bike. I have two dogs, two cats, and a big, fat bunny. Stray animals find their way to me.

This past summer a stray pony found its way to my front yard. On Monday night you can find me watching WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown on Friday. Nothing is dearer to me than my friends and family along with my hobbies and passions.




I was born in New York City and have lived in Indonesia and Rhode Island. My love for the theatercame from my mother who is a playwright. When I was younger you could find me wandering in and out of theaters, watching read-throughs, and talking to actors backstage. I’m also passionate about dance and music.

I play viola, electric bass and I’m teaching myself guitar. My main dance discipline is ballet and modern but I’ve also dabbled in Latin jazz, flamenco, and character. I love going on adventures, getting lost, learning more about the world, dancing, making art, and laughing.



I’m a Chicago native who moved to New York City when I was just two-years old. My friends and family know me for my wit and sharp tongue while others know me as “just another hood teenager”. I love to act in films. I believe that if you work hard, success will come. So far I have worked on several film and TV projects including a popular show on VH1.

I currently attend Brooklyn High School of the Arts in the drama program. Other interests of mine include fencing, producing music with my friends, making clothes and collecting clothes.



My name is Alexis. I’m from New Jersey and I am currently a freshman in the MCVYS School of the Arts program for theatre. I’ve been acting since the age of nine and hope to pursue a career in acting. I’m receiving training in the arts under Maria Aladren. I’ve also received training in movement of all styles at Verne Fowler School of Dance under various teachers.

I’ve also worked with Cleo Mack in the movement style of Modern. When I’m not performing, I’m learning about the technical aspects of putting on a show. In my spare time I enjoy writing.



I’m from the Bronx, NY. My family is large including up to 8 brothers with oddities including our own “slang words”. My closest pals find me funny, creative, trustworthy, independent, and thankful. Much to my annoyance, people occasionally misread my behavior as sarcastic or even facetious.

My desire is to become a visual artist of some sort and a creative writer. I feel that film will broaden my horizons. I enjoy, procuring laughter, drawing, reading, rowing, languages, martial arts, and visiting the story world of my novel-in-progress.



My career in entertainment started when I was cast in a professional musical production of A Christmas Carol at age seven. Since then I have worked on independent films and TV shows including the Interactive Discovery Channel and ABC. I also had an amazing experience playing the part of a dead doll with an awful latex mask at an interactive art exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum.

Although singing and dancing are my main passions, I play the piano and have recently begun my own photography business. I want to have a life worth writing about. If I wasn’t going to be an actress I think I would like to become a henna tattoo artist and learn the art of sushi.



My name is Yuri and I’m a 16-year-old sophomore. I started learning to play the cello when I was five years old at the School for Strings and I have been studying there ever since.

This past year I performed solo cello at two different fundraising benefits including VIDA international adoption agency and the Downtown Community Center.

In my spare time I enjoy visual arts such as photography and drawing. I also enjoy exploring New York City as there is always something new to discover.



I’m a Queens, New Yorker who enjoys writing whether I create stories, lyrics, poems or just expressing my thoughts. I’ve been creating poetry and singing since I was seven. My main goal in life is to become a famous entertainer so I can repay my family for all they have done. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you the same, I love the spotlight. I first discovered my acting skills in 7th grade and am hoping to go further into the film industry. I am a three-time winner of the Flowetry (flow +poetry) Competition in Queens, NY. One of my biggest accomplishments was getting my poems into The American Library of Poetry book. I’m creative, outgoing, and nice to be around once you get to know me.



My name is Joanna and I am 18 years old. I love acting because I love being the center of attention. I also love playing different characters as if I went through the same situations they had gone through. I’d say I’m a little cuckoo but in a good way. You never know just what to expect with me. My biggest life experience was getting locked up for a while. There’s nothing better than your freedom.

I took it for granted and now I am working hard for what I really want in life. Other than acting, I’d like to be a famous boxer. Everyone says that I’m funny and that I need to be a comedian. Even my teachers cant help but laugh with me.

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 A look at the cast in rehearsals.

Meet the Team

Meet the people behind the scenes...

Jeremy Engle

Jeremy Engle
Writer & Director

Jeremy Engle was a classroom teacher and educator for over 15 years; and taught documentary-making workshops to students and teachers across the country.

He recently wrote and directed a short film Mosquito” , about young kids growing up in NYC in the ‘70’s. NY Press called it a “spot-on depiction of NYC in the 1970’s” and championed Engle as a “great new voice in directing.”
Mosquito screened in festivals throughout the world – including Edinburgh, Oberhausen, Gijon and Seoul – won the “Spirit of Slamdance” Award” and is included in writer Dave Eggers’ DVD Magazine Wholphin.

Engle was selected as one of 20 filmmakers to participate in the Independent Filmmaker Project’s 2011 “Emerging Narrative” program. His experience as a teacher and filmmaker make him uniquely qualified to create an ensemble piece about the current public school experience.

Tarisai Gombe

Tarisai Gombe

Tarisai Gombe is a writer, director and producer. She has a Graduate degree in Communications from Ithaca College and  is pursuing a Masters degree in Film & Media Management at the New School in New York City – with a focus on emerging new-media distribution platforms. 

In between her academic pursuits, she gained valuable experience as an Assistant Producer and Production Coordinator on numerous TV and film sets, working for such companies as “Summit Entertainment”, “Reilly Worldwide” and “Left Right Productions.” Additionally, she worked in Development for Russell Simmons’ production company “Simmons Lathan”

Tarisai has a passion for film and storytelling. In particular, stories often ignored or misunderstood. She sees film as a way to challenge assumptions as well as an opportunity to express deep and powerful truths – particularly for those without traditional access to power and mass communication. Tarisai was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and plans to return and start a film school there.



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