The Road Ahead

We have edited together the powerful scenes we shot last summer into a proof of concept reel. Now our team is working to raise the resources we need to complete production in 2015. Over the next six months we will be holding storytelling workshops with New York City public schools, we will further develop and deepen our script through interviews with teachers and educators, and we will build invaluable partnerships in education to set the stage for a powerful outreach campaign upon the film's completion. We're so excited about this wonderful opportunity to deepen our perspectives and to create an enriching and meaningful creative process along the way. 

Cast Screening & Discussion

What an incredible event! On December 13th we were able to bring THE TEACHER cast and their families together for a special screening of our work so far. We watched our 12 minute proof of concept scene together as well as half an hour of roughly compiled, largely improvised material. 

Not only was it inspiring to see the students' reactions to their performances on-screen, but a powerful affirmation as well. Following the showing a lively conversation evolved around public education, new teachers and in-class teacher-student dynamics revealing that The Teacher will not only appeal to broad audiences but also serve as a powerful tool to spark dialogue.

Let the Editing Begin!

We've captured dynamic classroom scenes that showcase the talent of our student ensemble and the power of our unique collaborative approach - it's time to bring it all together in the edit room. We're lucky to have award-winning editor Jay Arthor Sterrenberg (Narco Cultura) on our side to help us create scenes that capture our authentic, improvisational approach while highlighting the powerful performances of our incredible student cast. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

What an incredible few weeks. We braved the heat, the early mornings, last minute changes in location and myriad other challenges to make our first days of production a reality. The cast and crew met every challenge. We are thrilled to see the power of our unique collaborative storytelling approach put to action, and the incredibly authentic results. Way to bring a New York City classroom to life!